About Us

We’re happy to welcome you to TADAAM, your one-stop-shop for bottles, bits and bobs, nestled in the heart of Europe’s smallest capital. You’ll be guided through our selection of wine and alcoholic beverages from around the world, but we’re especially delighted to offer quirky Maltese creations and handcrafted food to satisfy your lunchtime cravings.

Taking sustainability seriously, we’re striving to bring you organic produce from sustainable sources, from vine to bottle, from farmland to chef’s hand. Only the best ingredients go into making your products, so we take pride in partnering up with small producers who hold the environment – and you – at heart.

What makes TADAAM special? For us, it isn’t just about quenching your thirst or feeding you with good, well-made food. We’re all about satiating that distant hum of the everyday; accentuating the vibrant personalities who make our products. We’re confident you’ll enjoy them just as much as we are passionate.

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You can reach us through our Facebook Page, by phone or Whatsapp on +356 99703565